I am, as we all are, a storyteller.

My art uses the lens of fashion and style to express the story of our myriad ways of being beautiful, being affirmed, being seen. seek to honor and celebrate diversity, to create an inclusive platform to reflect our myriad identities and our narratives.

My work focuses on representing all our glorious and beautiful different ways of being and offers the viewer fashion art and illustrations that celebrate themes of diversity, inclusion and representation..


If you support my mission of representing beauty, style and all our diverse stories, I’d love you to own some of my artwork!

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As though speaking multiple languages all at once, I embrace the new, the different, and the coming together of different elements! If you would like to collaborate or commission me to create a customized and personalized piece of artwork, please reach out . I look forward to communicating to find which medium is right for your vision.


It’s taken a journey of years and experience to realize my freedom from these artificial and limiting constructs. I choose to use the power of my art to represent the LIMITLESS beauty I see in the world. I use my Designs and Illustrations to reflect and represent all bodies, all of our fashion and style choices and stories that have been underrepresented for far too long! See some of my fashion artwork here.


I come from a classical training in the fine arts, which offers the foundation for the experimental hybrid techniques and approaches that she currently employs in her artwork. My graduate studies led me back to the studio at Parsons School of Design, studying under Master Artist Mark Saltz and Master Printer Michael Kirk.

To view samples of my paintings, hand printed textiles and other fine arts, click here.

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