Shireen the Artist

Shireen the Artist


As a fashion artist/designer, I spent many years seeking to fit my art, my outlook, and my body/myself into an “ideal.”

I let fashion and media dictate my hair, skin, body and dress.

No more.

The rigid standard of the “Fashion Ideal” or as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie calls it, “The Single Story,” is crumbling! We are witnessing the democratization of fashion. We are each redefining what fashion means on our own terms and owning our own narratives.

Each of us is designing our identity each and every day.

My art reflects themes of representation, and diversity and inclusion. Through the lens of fashion, it celebrates our power to be true to ourselves, to our story and to our own truth.

Join me in advocating for, and celebrating all, the fashion storytellers of the world!








I am, as we all are, a storyteller.

My art uses the lens of fashion and style to express the story of our myriad ways of being beautiful, being affirmed, being seen.

I seek to honor and celebrate diversity, to create an inclusive platform to reflect our myriad identities and our narratives.

Employing the full spectrum of traditional to digital media, I find joy in moving from paint to pixels, using each “language” to express different ideas and messages. I find the humble brushstroke of black ink on the white page as compelling and powerful as the perfect, confident vector line. I choose media according to the subject matter and depiction style I feel best honors the essence of the story.

My work focuses on representing all our glorious and beautiful different ways of being and offers the viewer fashion art and illustrations that celebrate themes of diversity, inclusion and representation.