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As an educator, I have over 20 years of experience at two of the most prestigious design schools in the country. In the classroom, I aim to foster a learning environment where students are unafraid to experiment, explore and express themselves.

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As an artist, I work using both traditional and digital media, reflecting the power of fashion and style to express our narratives and identity.

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I am a Muslim-Egyptian-American mother, sister, friend. I am a woman of color, educator, artist, designer. I am an advocate, storyteller and community leader, living in New York City. Each role I play shapes my art, frames my approach as an educator and is woven into the causes I advocate for.

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As a community leader and advocate, I work to represent the Muslim-American community, amplifying the voices of those who share my culture, faith and lived experience.

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I came to Shireen for one-on-one training on the Adobe programs to transfer and translate my already advanced skills to the Adobe platform and workspace. She was able to accurately identify my skill level customize the lessons to my needs. She really listened as I shared my questions and easily found multiple ways to describe the various techniques until I understood the specific process. She was able to guide me to the shortcuts and most efficient workflows to achieve the tasks that I needed for my work as a textile designer. I highly recommend Shireen as trainer, no matter what your skill level! You will come away with more practical skills as well as increased confidence and comfort with the Adobe interface.

-Shannon Roberts, Textile Artist/CAD Designer

We hired Shireen to help our company restructure our art department and have one-on-one training with our designers on the Adobe Creative Suite. Her overall knowledge of all programs was impeccable. She was able to help us build a good foundation and streamline workflow in a matter of weeks rather than months. Her diligence, thoroughness and positive attitude were refreshing and she is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her services if you want things done correctly.

-Cheryl L. Aponick, Granada Sales Corporation

Shireen Soliman is a dynamic and innovative facilitator! Through her work with the Young Womyn of Strength Conference she has transformed the way that young womyn think about fashion and their ability to influence shape and shift trends using identity as a guide. Shireen is powerful beyond words and is a catalyst for change.

-Orinthia Swindell, Director of Equity and Inclusion (Brooklyn Friends School)

Shireen changed my life completely. I came into her class knowing absolutely nothing about Adobe and it was a huge challenge being the only student who never worked in anything digital. The beginning designs took me many hours but she was very encouraging with my amateur flats. As the semester progressed, Shireen continued to help me practice my flats and improve my design skills in a digital presentation. Those skills were used when I applied to the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund 2019 competition where, despite only knowing the basics of flats and patterns, I won as the only Pratt recipient! Shireen has helped me so much and now I incorporate my work of both digital and handwork. I am forever grateful to her.

-Vi Vo, Former Student (Pratt Institute)

Shireen cares about each one of her students more than anyone could hope for and it shows in her capacity as a teacher. She provided us with clear instructions and handmade notes to take home, allowing us to focus on practice in and out of the classroom. I am not tech savvy, and she made sure I understood every process no matter how basic. Even four years after sitting in her classroom, I still make sure to stay in touch because she is a real role model and mentor. Shireen was the best professor I had in my time at college, and I had many really amazing professors!

-Jackie Vargas, Former Student (Pratt Institute)

Shireen was one of my professors at Parsons and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the designer I am without her. The skills I learned in her class made me career ready and hirable straight out of college. Her class focused on developing and refining our skills for Adobe Suite programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Muse. Each topic covered in class was explained with thorough demos, helpful tricks that I still use to this day, and step-by-step guides that were easily accessible on our class blog. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the content she’s teaching, her instruction is so clear, and her character is so friendly and lively - all of these things combined made going to her class such a joy and provided skills that lasted far beyond the classroom.

-Stephanie Hazelwood, Former Student (Parsons School of Design)

I could not have been more pleased with my experience having Shireen as my professor while at Parsons. During our sessions, she was very thorough in her explanations and unbelievably organized; this made understanding whatever lesson we were learning a lot quicker and efficient. She also gave us tips and tricks to use that help with our process/development in designing. Most of all and I’m not exaggerating when I say this, Shireen really cares for all of her students. She really takes the time to listen to her students whether they have issues, are seeking assistance or need advice, she encourages all her students every step of the way. Shireen’s lessons are set up for students so that they can be led to the road of success!

-Brenda Benson, Former Student (Parsons School of Design)

I was in Shireen’s Visual Communication Design class as a sophomore at Parsons. In Shireen’s class-we learned so many important digital and drawing skills. I learned illustration using various mediums and techniques - digital drawing tablet, pencil, marker, watercolor, gauche, nail polish and so on. Also, I learned photo editing and layout using Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator. I made a book, poster, and even an interactive game. I realized that I am not only a fashion designer and have used these skills in all my design work ever since.

-Meihui Chen, Former Student (Parsons School of Design)